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Cleaning is Not Enough: Roof Inspection, Repairs and Cleaning

See the black streaking on your roof that looks like dirt? It’s actually something called roof algae. Your roof probably needs a quality cleaning by WKL Roofing. Need to clean a commercial roof? Need to clean a residential roof? We clean them all.

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Why Clean Your Roof At All?

In Florida, many homeowners’ associations and even some municipalities require periodic cleaning of roofs. However, the damage caused by most traditional cleaning methods like pressure cleaning and harsh chemicals (chlorine bleach is one) becomes a problem that demands a different solution. Yes, these “traditional” roof-cleaning methods are relatively safe and effective, but they can – and often do – cut the life of a typical Florida roof from 25-30 years to 12-15 years. Plus, a compromised roof increases the chance of roof leaks and costly repairs.

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