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How often do insurance companies requiring replacement roofs?

Insurance companies vary their requirements, but in general, they require shingle, tile and metal to be replaced every 15 years, flat very 12 to 15.

Do you use your own crews?

Yes – we never subcontract any of our rooves out.

How do I know I really need a roof?

We have a reputation for honesty. We are not going to tell you that you need a roof if you do not need one.

What warranties do you offer to cover your work after the roof has been installed?

Our roofs come with a 10-year workmanship warranty. Manufacturing warranties vary company to company and depend on the roof covering. Most manufacturers also offer a limited wind warranty. Mile per hour wind rating allows you to make a claim (on shingles only), up to 130 MPH. Note: it is important for every customer to be responsible for their own roof registration after install as any manufacturer warranty it is an agreement between you the homeowner and the manufacturer.

What is the benefit of peel and stick over synthetic underlayment?

Peel and stick gives a full secondary water barrier and therefore better protection against water, whereas with synthetic you still have the leaks. Also, in a reroof in say 15 years, you can also peel and stick over peel and stick rather than replace.

What are the issues with spike and ferrule gutters versus hidden hangers?

It is against Florida code to notch around spike and ferrule gutters with drip edge so gutter fasteners must be removed. Spike and ferrule disintegrate when you remove the fasteners and therefore need to be thrown away and cannot be reinstalled with your new roof, whereas hidden hangers can be taken off and reused.

When is a good time to get a silicone coating on my flat roof to extend its life?

We recommend that if your flat roof is in good condition, you coat your roof at 7-10 years and you will extend its life by an average of an additional ten years

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