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Rain gutters can be an integral part of a roofing system that whisks water away from roofline all the way down to the foundation. They are important to you as a property owner to prevent water from getting inside. That is WKL Roofing has a dedicated team of gutter installers to deliver a personalized seamless rain gutter system to protect your investment. Here is what you can expect:


FREE, Detailed Gutter Services Proposal

An experienced gutter specialist will contact you to arrange a good time to meet at your home or business. We’ll take detailed notes and create detailed diagrams. These will eventually be shared with the installers to ensure that the job is done as you expect. If you are not available to talk when we come, our gutter specialist will be happy to review the proposal with you over the phone. In the gutter services business, no one likes surprises!

New roof? Which Gutter Material is Best?

Aluminum. Seamless aluminum rain gutters are the most-popular and cost-effective gutter product. They’re available in many colors. And they’re mostly maintenance free, although you may want to have them cleaned every few years for aesthetic purposes.

Copper. Seamless copper rain gutters are considered top of the line -- recommended for customers who want to add elegance to their home. They are also the most expensive and most labor intensive, but will last a lifetime. The copper will quickly begin to oxidize and form a much-desired patina that adds a texture and richness unequaled by any other metal.

Steel. Galvanized steel gutters are typically used in commercial buildings. They’re extremely durable and rarely need servicing.

What Happens On Gutter Installation Day?

We’ll schedule an exact date and 3-hour arrival window. If possible, we’d like for you to be there when work is being done – to review the project before and after completion. We’ll also give you a reminder call the day before, and a courtesy call approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival. After completion, the job site will be cleaned up and all scrap removed. Our installers will review the completed work with you to ensure that it meets your expectations – and that we did not cut corners.

Why do you need rain gutters? Because they:

  • Direct water away from your home, especially your foundation
  • Reduce mold, mildew, oxidation, dry-rot, and insect infestation in and around your home
  • Add value to your home and increase the resale value of your investment
  • Protect your expensive landscaping and decking
  • Create a safer environment by keeping water from puddling around doorways and walkways
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